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  • Compensation is only for our time together. Please provide the cash discreetly in an envelope on the visible spot in the bathroom. Provide it within the first 5 minutes of our date.

  • Deposit is required to book a date. Deposit isn't refundable.

  • Uber cost  for all outcall dates has to be covered both ways.

  • GREEK EXPERIENCE  is extra 500. Please require it in advance while making a booking.

  • I have Grandfathering Policy, my established friends have the rate which was at the time of our first date.

  • FLY ME TO YOU  is minimun booking of 7 hours and up, plus hotel and travel expenses.

  • Cancelation Policy  : cancelling a date 24 hours' notice, please, pay a fee 70 percent from the donation of the entire booking time.

  • I recommend more longer types of dates. The longer the date, the better connection can be established between us. I recommend dates longer than 3 hours contain some public activity (dinner, drinks at the bar, sport activity, show, etc) .

1 Hour Curiosity

Incall 1200

Outcall 1300

90 Minutes Intrigue

Incall 1600

Outcall 1700

2 Hours Interest

Incall 2000

Outcall 2100

3 Hours Comfort

Incall 2600

Outcall 2700

4 Hours Relaxation

Incall 3000

Outcall 3100

5 Hours Exploration

Incall 3400

Outcall 3500

6 Hours Enjoyment

Incall 3800

Outcall 3900

7 Hours Passion

Incall 4000

Outcall 4100

Night (up to 14 hours) Sweet Cuddliness

Incall 6000

Outcall 6000

Day and Night (up to 24 hours) Company. Partner in Crime

Incall 9000

Outcall 9000

Weekend Together (2 Days and 2 Nights) Affair. Emotional Connection

Incall 15000

Outcall 15000

Week Together (up to 7 days) Vacation

Outcall 25000

Each additional day after 7 days 1000

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