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  • Compensation is only for our time together and companionship.

  • Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate.

  • Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope on the visible spot in the bathroom. Provide the donation inside the gift-bag or the greeting card if we meet in public place. Provide it at the beginning of our date, within first 5 minutes. Please never make me ask for it.

  • Deposit is required to book a date. It's 30 percent of a date rate for NYC dates. It can be sent as a CashApp money transfer or electronic gift card from online stores to provided email address which was never published anywhere. Please understand, when I accept a booking, my schedule can be changed drastically. I cancel my plans, or I can even decline some other bookings. That's why the deposit can't be refundable, but sometimes the deposit can be transferred to the future date if you have to cancel and want to reschedule to some other time (note, not all the deposits can be transferred to the future dates - it depends on the situation) If I cancel a date (what most likely will never happen), the deposit will be returned to you in full.

  •  I have a Grandfathering Policy. My established friends have the rate which was at the time of our first date even if I rise my rates. I also provide a discounts for established friends. Subscribe to my promotions.  

  • For Outcall dates Uber costs are required to be covered both ways.

  • FlyMeToYou is available, minimum booking of 8 hours, plus travel and hotel expenses. 

  • Sugarbaby/daddy arrangements are available both semi-exclusive or exclusive.   

  • For overnight dates I need 6 hours of an uninterrupted sleep. 1 hour of a personal time and a coffee in the morning.

  • I prefer more longer types of dates. The longer the date the better connection we can establish between us.

  • My passport is ready for both domestic travels and international travels.

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  • In-Date extension +800/Hour for each addition hour; +600 for each additional 30 mins.

  • Greek Experience is available. Additional +400 for desired booking time. Please require for it in advance while making a booking. I have the right to reject depending on the situation.

  • DISCOUNTS: only till the 28th December 2hour dates for the rate of 90mis date. 10% OFF for all multiple hour dates. 30% OFF for all dates for returning friends.



1 hour

Incall   1000 

Outcall  1100

2 hours

Incall  1800

Outcall  1900

4 hours

Incall  2800

Outcall  2900

1,5 hour (90 mins)

Incall  1600

Outcall 1700

3 hours

Incall  2400

Outcall  2500

5 hours

Incall  3200

Outcall  3300

6 hours

Incall   3600

Outcall  3700

Overnigh (up to 12 hours)

Incall  6000

Outcall  6000


Incall  15000

Outcall  15000

7 hours

Incall  3800

Outcall   3900

Day&Night(up to 24 hours)

Incall  9000

Outcall  9000

1 Week (up to 7 days and 7 nights) Vocation package

Incall  20000

Outcall  20000

(0nly for Tours)
Incall 800