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  • Compensation is only for our time together and companionship.

  • Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope on the visible spot in the bathroom. Provide it at the beginning of our date, within first 5 minutes. Please never make me ask for it. 

  • Deposit is required to book a date. Deposit isn't refundable. 

  •  I have a Grandfathering Policy. My established friends have the rate which was at the time of our first date even if I rise my rates. 

  • For Outcall dates Uber costs are required to be covered both ways.

  • FlyMeToYou is available, minimum booking of 12 hours, plus travel and hotel expenses. 

  • Sugarbaby/daddy arrangements are available both semi-exclusive or exclusive.   

  • For overnight dates I need 6 hours of an uninterrupted sleep. 1 hour of a personal time and a coffee in the morning. 

  • I prefer more longer types of dates. The longer the date the better connection we can establish between us.

  • My passport is ready for both domestic travels and international travels.

  • Cancelation Policy: deposit is never refundable, unless you want to transfer your deposit and reschedule a date or time (not all the dates can be rescheduled). Cancelling a date with 72 hours' notice will result in a fee of 50 percent from the donation of the entire booking time, 48 hours' notice a fee of 70 percent from the donation of the entire booking time, 24 hours' notice or less 100 percent/whole booking fee has to be paid.

  • In-Date extension +800/Hour for each addition hour; +600 for each additional 30 mins.

  • Greek Experience is available. Additional +400 for desired booking time. Please require for it in advance while making a booking. I have the right to reject depending on the situation.

Anchor Rates


1 hour

Incall   1000 

Outcall  1100 

2 hours

Incall  1800 

Outcall  1900

4 hours

Incall  2800

Outcall  2900

1,5 hour (90 mins)

Incall  1600 

Outcall 1700 

3 hours

Incall  2400

Outcall  2500

5 hours

Incall  3200

Outcall  3300

6 hours

Incall   3600

Outcall  3700

Overnigh (up to 12 hours)

Incall  6000

Outcall  6000


Incall  15000

Outcall  15000

7 hours

Incall  3800

Outcall   3900

Day&Night(up to 24 hours)

Incall  9000

Outcall  9000

1 Week (up to 7 days and 7 nights) Vocation package

Incall  20000

Outcall  20000

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